CipherTV QAM

CipherTV QAM for Hotels

After a decade as an early technology innovator in IPTV with the CipherTV Bar, we are pleased to announce our new CipherTV QAM for Hotels and Bulk TV customers.   Our latest IPTV technology eliminates the need for set-top-boxes and the expensive telecom room equipment traditionally required to provide multi-room hotel TV services.

CipherTV QAM is a powerful TV system designed specifically for the hospitality industry.  One small CipherTV box can serve up to 80 TV channels throughout the entire building.  No more expensive headend equipment to buy and no more satellite dishes, racks of receivers and set top boxes to support.   CipherTV QAM provides huge savings on equipment, power consumption and support costs.

Our CipherTV QAM utilizes old-fashioned coaxial cables in the guest suites, and our technology essentially layers IPTV on top as a plug-and-play device.  CipherTV has traditionally been broadcasting in BC and Alberta, but has recently been granted a broadcasting license to expand into Ontario.

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