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    Carrier Ethernet Access

Carrier Ethernet Access

Setup a single headend port with CipherKey and access commercial fiber ethernet from Canadian carriers at wholesale rates.

Carrier Transport, IP Transit & Free Peering

Access low-cost transport to Canadian carrier fibre networks, global IP transit options and low-cost traffic peering at VANIX and SIX.

Access Municipal Fibre Networks

Access wholesale fiber ethernet from major Canadian carriers, and from municiple networks including Qnet (Coquitlam, BC), Bridgenet (New Westminter, BC) and CR Advantage (Campbell River, BC).

Colocation and Managed Router Options

CipherKey provides co-location facilities for routing equipment, or a turnkey service where we manage the equipment and traffic routing on your behalf.

Offer CRTC Compliant IPTV Services

Cross-connect your network to CipherKey’s headend for on-net compliant access to CipherTV’s IPTV and CRTC restricted content, allowing you to offer TV service to your network customers.


Wholesale access to Western Canadian commercial networks


Qualify Service Online

CipherKey provides an online tool that will automatically qualify addresses and help quote prices for ethernet based service delivery.

Headend Termination

Order a custom headend to your location, or connect at a CipherKey POP: Vancouver, 970 Burrard – Vancouver, 555 W. Hastings – Seattle Westin, 2001 6th Ave.

VLAN or Q-in-Q

Single end-point connection up to 10G available over VLAN. Q-in-Q options available.

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