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Digital Signage

CipherDS promotes your products and services, manages ads, slideshows, streaming video and TV channels.

Increase Sales

Digital signage is a powerful motivator and driver of increased sales and it leaves old-fashioned, printed signage far behind.

Increase Foot Traffic

Seizing the opportunity to draw more foot traffic and boost their brands, more retailers are using digital signage.

Improve Satisfaction & Productivity

Enterprise businesses and healthcare institutions share a remarkable number of similarities despite their obvious differences.


About our Digital Signage Solution

Convert TV into a Digital Sign

Plugin the CipherDS to an existing TV, digital monitor or projector with HDMI or RCA cables to instantly transform it into a digital signage terminal.

Customer Engagement

Speak to your customers with dynamic, in-store promotions and watch how customers become proactively engaged.

Visitor Experience

CipherDS can improve the experience of your visitors and client and take the burden of your staff.

Manage Multiple Locations

Manage multiple screens and locations with the same content, or create unique messaging for each individual digital sign.

Customized Style & Themes Designs

The CipherDS system provides the flexibility to change the UI color scheme in order to match a particular brand or location style.

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