• Cipherkey

    ISP Wholesaler Servicing Canada Coast to Coast

    For 20+ years, we have powered over 50 independent internet service providers across Canada.

ISP Wholesaler Servicing Canada Coast to Coast

CipherKey Exchange Corporation started offering wholesale connectivity services back in the days of dial-up internet. CipherKey’s team specializes in network operations, engineering and IPTV technologies. CipherKey has expanded operations as a ‘buying group’ where independent ISP‘s benefit from consolidated purchasing power on incumbent networks. CipherKey ISP Partners are guaranteed affordable and competitive access to wholesale internet, TV and IP transit services.


Wholesale access to the entire Fibre and DSL networks available in Western Canada while residential Cable network covers coast to coast.


CipherTV broadcasts linear TV under a CRTC license that covers Western Canada. CipherTV is available for wholesale ISP’s to offer.


Access multiple fibre optic networks in the West Coast, and layer 2 managed ethernet circuits from a single CipherKey headend port.


Manage multi-site and enterprise wide networks and internet circuits with security, failover and bonding capabilities.


Downtown Vancouver colocation facility providing superior connectivity options for the ISP industry.


City level local partnerships with CipherKey allowing turnkey, open access to municipal fibre plants for residential and commercial.

Community Fibre Network Access

Municipalities across BC to Maritimes have been opening access to their fibre optic network infrastructures. We have been partnering with local governments to make commercial and residential fibre-to-the-premises available openly to internet service providers under an affordable wholesale arrangement.

Interested in partnering with CipherKey to connect your city or community? CLICK HERE


Datacenter Colocation

The CipherKey datacenter and colocation facility is located in the basement of the old BC Hydro headquarters in Vancouver, BC. The facility basement was originally designed to withstand the effects of a nuclear bomb, and is located next step to the Vancouver downtown power substation. Secured access to the facility is available 24/7.

970 Burrard Street, Vancouver BC