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    High Availability Internet

    Optimized Connectivity for Mission Critical Networks

High Availability Internet

Our High Availability (HA) Device and Service allows you to connect two or more internet services together into a single local network for home or business. This provides unparalleled reliability, uptime, security, and speed, keeping your mission-critical devices online in cases of a single network outage.

Powered by Advanced BGP Technology

Utilizing the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), our service offers unparalleled routing intelligence. Think of BGP as a smart navigator that chooses the best path for your internet traffic, much like choosing the most efficient route on a road trip. Whether you’re sending data from Vancouver to San Francisco or to a different destination, BGP assesses multiple factors to find the optimal path. It’s essential to understand that the internet is made up of BGPs connecting the ISPs all over the world. Our small routing device enables Advanced BGP Technology right at your premises, enabling your home or business connectivity with smart, network-grade efficiency.

Key Features

Multi-Path Selection: Just like having multiple highways to reach a destination, our service offers various internet pathways and intelligently selects the best route based on current conditions – be it the shortest path, the one with the least delay, or the one with the most bandwidth available.

Dynamic Rerouting: In case of disruptions (like a roadblock or traffic jam in our highway analogy), we dynamically reroute traffic to an alternative path without interruption. This ensures constant connectivity, even if the preferred path is temporarily unavailable.

Six Ethernet Ports: Our High Availability Device comes equipped with six Ethernet ports – one for LAN and five for diverse internet connections. This allows for robust connectivity options and the ability to handle substantial traffic.

Parallel Processing: Unlike simple load balancing, our service doesn’t just split traffic evenly across connections. Each 1Gbps line operates in parallel, providing a total bandwidth that can adapt to the specific needs of your traffic – ensuring efficient utilization of each line.

Smart Allocation: In scenarios where multiple paths offer similar benefits, our system makes an intelligent choice, ensuring that your data always finds the best available route, optimizing performance and reliability.

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Scalability: Easily add more bandwidth and connections to meet growing customer demands without overhauling the existing infrastructure.

Redundancy: If one internet path becomes unavailable, others immediately take over, maintaining the internet connection.

Improved Customer Experience: The high reliability and performance of our HA Service mean an enhanced network experience with less worrying and support.

Competitive Advantage for Resellers: Offering our High Availability Internet Service can distinguish resellers in a crowded market. The superior performance and reliability of this service can be a key differentiator, attracting a broader range of clients, from large data centers to individual businesses and residential complexes.

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As an ISP wholesaler, we offer this High Availability Internet service as an ideal solution for resellers. It’s not just about providing internet connectivity; it’s about ensuring that your clients’ connections are smart, adaptable, and resilient. Whether for data-heavy data centers, critical business operations, or bandwidth-demanding multi-dwelling units, our service ensures that your clients stay connected in the most efficient way possible.

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