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    Broadcasting Services

Broadcasting Services

The CipherTV system has built a complete head-to-tail IPTV broadcasting technology with all the components to make a reliable and modern system.

Broadcasting Technology

Our technology offers solutions for commercial partners to expand their new media broadcasting initiatives outside the typical, regulated broadcasting environment.

Plug-and-Play Service

CipherTV comes in a colorful box packaged with everything the subscriber needs to setup instantly in their home. Our partners are able to enable or disable channel packages at the click-of-the-button in their ISP Manager system.

Home Launcher Branding

CipherTV has a paid option to replace our existing Android home screen launcher / apps with a controllable, digital signage launcher. This option an ISP, hotel or community group to manage their own branded messages from an online dashboard, while still opening into the full CipherTV service.


About our Broadcasting Services

OTT Content Distribution

Monetize your content through over-the-top licensed distribution on the CipherTV platform. Your content becomes available for end-users to order through one of CipherTV’s many ISP Partners.

Live Broadcasting

CipherTV has both strong network capability and IPTV broadcasting technology, enabling recorded or live sports, events, classrooms or seminars to be broadcast over the internet to the convenience of a downloadable Android, iOS and Windows App.

IPTV Technology Access

We offer innovative ways for international ISP’s to broadcast their licensed content at a fraction to cost of alternatives.

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